Replace ICE with a Free Trade Zone

✓ Transform the border into a free trade and migration zone, without movement restrictions.

✓ Establish several immigrant processing facilities within the free trade zone.

✓ Abolish all immigration quotas.

✓ Rehaul immigration system to filter only for criminals, terrorists, and disease-carrying individuals.

✓ Reach out to would-be undocumented immigrants to ensure them they are welcome and wanted in the US, with the goal of encouraging them to comply with the new immigration processing system.

✓ Cease immigration enforcement raids of current undocumented immigrants.

✓ Offer a path to citizenship for current undocumented immigrants.

✓ Abolish ICE and reorganize CBP to facilitate the safe and free movement of people rather than hindering such movement.

✓ Prepare for further rounds of immigration reform if the above measures do not successfully incentivize would-be undocumented immigrants to go through the official immigration system.

Deregulation as a Vehicle for Social Progress

✓ Allow exceptions to patent laws for critical drugs that are unaffordable to the average person.

✓ Tear down barriers that keep health insurance monopolies from having competition in the market place and tear down barriers that keep mutual aid networks from being able to serve the needy.

✓ Eliminate all regulations that do not protect victims from acts of aggression. In particular, eliminate regulations that push the US to make environmentally unsound decisions.

✓ Remove barriers to private development of mass transit improvements and alternatives.

Abolish the Income Tax and Bring Down the Deficit

✓ Eliminate the income tax completely. All people deserve to keep the full fruits of their labor.

✓ Institute a national sales tax focused on non-essential consumption to fund the parts of the state that would remain under this platform. Rebate the sales tax money spent by those under the poverty line through a tax refund.

✓ Cut all current corporate welfare and refuse to authorize any new proposals with corporate handouts. Welfare of all forms is harmful in the long term, but providing welfare to the rich is particularly odious.

✓ Ensure that the taxpayer money saved when we End the Empire is not spent on new government programs.

✓ Keep our promises to those who have already paid into Social Security.

✓ Allow new potential payees into Social Security to have their money be managed privately to transition society away from the program.

Law Enforcement and Civil Rights in the 21st Century

✓ Repeal federal laws restricting gun ownership, establish concealed carry reciprocity, and legalize bump stocks.

✓ Direct the Justice Department to adopt a Restorative Justice model that focuses on rehabilitation of criminals rather than punitive sentencing. Repeal mandatory minimum laws.

✓ Repeal the Patriot Act. End mass surveillance of American citizens, refuse to allow any intelligence collection on American citizens without a warrant, and make the FISA court more transparent.

✓ Refuse to pass the EARN IT Act and abolish it if the law passes before the 2020 election. The integrity of encryption as a digital security staple shall not be infringed.

✓ Abolish NSA and CIA as separate institutions and replace them with a signal and human intelligence collection organization without the mandate to carry out dark operations.

✓ Restructure the FBI to focus exclusively on crimes with victims, such as murder, human trafficking, and sexual assault. End the practice of weaponizing the FBI against political opponents, in part by limiting the scope of the FBI to crimes with victims and in part by holding those who have abused FBI authority accountable.

✓ Pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Their revelations of the abuses of America’s national security apparatus should confer hero status on them, not international persecution.

End the Empire

✓ On Day 1 of assuming the office, demand a Congressional declaration of war within 30 days for every location US troops are deployed without a treaty obligating their presence.

✓ After those 30 days, pull out all troops out from every location Congress has not declared war in, with the exception of troops deployments obligated by treaty.

✓ Offer to transform military bases in non-treaty locations into free trade zones for any country interested.

✓ Begin negotiations with countries containing treaty-mandated deployments to explore mutually agreeable alternate security arrangements to minimize the number of U.S. forces abroad.

✓ Abolish NATO and renegotiate individual mutual defense treaties with countries key to our national security.

✓ Direct our Representative to the United Nations to veto all U.N. Security Council resolutions that would violate a country’s sovereignty or obligate the U.N. to engage in nation building.

✓ Open embassies and trade with countries we have pushed away such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria. We do not have to like or agree with the conduct of a nation to maintain open lines of communication and commerce.

Abolish Prohibition

✓ Oppose the prohibition of a woman’s right to choose her own medical procedures, particularly including abortion.

✓ Abolish SESTA-FOSTA and until its abolition passes Congress, order the Justice Department to use their prosecutorial discretion to keep the law from being functionally enforced.

✓ Fully decriminalize and destigmatize sex work and drug possession.

✓ Pardon all non-violent people locked up for a victimless crime, and expunge all criminal records of victimless crime convictions.

✓ Formally legalize marijuana and psychedelics immediately and order the Justice Department to use prosecutorial discretion to functionally end the Drug War.

✓ Reduce the barriers to put one’s child up for adoption and for one to adopt a child in the United States. No woman should feel forced to have an abortion out of a fear that her child can’t get adopted.

✓ Take a portion of the freed up funds from ending the Drug War and SESTA-FOSTA to support the investigation and prosecution of sex trafficking and to support addiction recovery.

Unleash the Market to Fight Climate Change

✓ Prioritize the elimination of all subsidies and tax breaks given to fossil fuel industries.

✓ Allow for patent exceptions for critical technology under patent lockdown that can improve our environmental health.

✓ Transition federal facilities and programs into the use of 100% green energy to facilitate a movement toward green energy without heavy-handed state mandates in the market.

✓ Re-enter the Paris Accord framework for negotiating mutual actions to fight climate change, but refuse to support any obligatory funding of other nations or requirements of state intervention in the US economy.

A Libertarian Response to the Coronavirus

✓ End the restrictions on which coronavirus tests can be used. There is no excuse for the CDC to monopolize the market for test kits, particularly when other nations and the WHO have developed successful kits in use around the world.

✓ Eliminate TSA restrictions on the transport of larger sized bottles of liquids, as people will need to transport sanitizing liquids with them to stay virus free.

✓ Allow for anti-coronavirus drugs to be developed and sold without FDA approval, as the need for immediate relief of symptoms and even the disease itself is of the utmost importance towards human health.

✓ Declassify all coronavirus related information and ensure all pandemic-related statistics are freely and immediately available to the public as they come into federal government’s possession. Had we done this from the start, we could’ve started social distancing well before the virus had spread this far.

✓ Encourage all states to allow doctors to practice across state lines and to suspend if not eliminate Certificate of Need laws that restrict the development of testing, treatment, and containment facilities.

✓ Allow researchers to conduct coronavirus tests without needing federal approval. Competent professionals have been stopped by the federal government from helping potentially sick people already and that must end.

✓ Refuse to bail out industries and companies with taxpayer dollars. This is just a recipe for cronyism from companies well connected enough to be able to take advantage of the crisis.

✓ Encourage the states to transition from widespread economic shutdowns to mass testing and containment of infected individuals. We must focus on measures to actually contain the virus and avoid destroying people’s financial future.