Replace ICE with a Free Trade Zone

✓ Transform the border into a free trade and migration zone, without movement restrictions.

✓ Establish several immigrant processing facilities within the free trade zone.

✓ Abolish all immigration quotas.

✓ Rehaul immigration system to filter only for criminals, terrorists, and disease-carrying individuals.

✓ Reach out to would-be undocumented immigrants to ensure them they are welcome and wanted in the US, with the goal of encouraging them to comply with the new immigration processing system.

✓ Cease immigration enforcement raids of current undocumented immigrants.

✓ Offer a path to citizenship for current undocumented immigrants.

✓ Abolish ICE and reorganize CBP to facilitate the safe and free movement of people rather than hindering such movement.

✓ Prepare for further rounds of immigration reform if the above measures do not successfully incentivize would-be undocumented immigrants to go through the official immigration system.