Law Enforcement and Civil Rights in the 21st Century

✓ Repeal federal laws restricting gun ownership, establish concealed carry reciprocity, and legalize bump stocks.

✓ Direct the Justice Department to adopt a Restorative Justice model that focuses on rehabilitation of criminals rather than punitive sentencing. Repeal mandatory minimum laws.

✓ Repeal the Patriot Act. End mass surveillance of American citizens, refuse to allow any intelligence collection on American citizens without a warrant, and make the FISA court more transparent.

✓ Refuse to pass the EARN IT Act and abolish it if the law passes before the 2020 election. The integrity of encryption as a digital security staple shall not be infringed.

✓ Abolish NSA and CIA as separate institutions and replace them with a signal and human intelligence collection organization without the mandate to carry out dark operations.

✓ Restructure the FBI to focus exclusively on crimes with victims, such as murder, human trafficking, and sexual assault. End the practice of weaponizing the FBI against political opponents, in part by limiting the scope of the FBI to crimes with victims and in part by holding those who have abused FBI authority accountable.

✓ Pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Their revelations of the abuses of America’s national security apparatus should confer hero status on them, not international persecution.