End the Empire

✓ On Day 1 of assuming the office, demand a Congressional declaration of war within 30 days for every location US troops are deployed without a treaty obligating their presence.

✓ After those 30 days, pull out all troops out from every location Congress has not declared war in, with the exception of troops deployments obligated by treaty.

✓ Offer to transform military bases in non-treaty locations into free trade zones for any country interested.

✓ Begin negotiations with countries containing treaty-mandated deployments to explore mutually agreeable alternate security arrangements to minimize the number of U.S. forces abroad.

✓ Abolish NATO and renegotiate individual mutual defense treaties with countries key to our national security.

✓ Direct our Representative to the United Nations to veto all U.N. Security Council resolutions that would violate a country’s sovereignty or obligate the U.N. to engage in nation building.

✓ Open embassies and trade with countries we have pushed away such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria. We do not have to like or agree with the conduct of a nation to maintain open lines of communication and commerce.