Abolish Prohibition

✓ Oppose the prohibition of a woman’s right to choose her own medical procedures, particularly including abortion.

✓ Abolish SESTA-FOSTA and until its abolition passes Congress, order the Justice Department to use their prosecutorial discretion to keep the law from being functionally enforced.

✓ Fully decriminalize and destigmatize sex work and drug possession.

✓ Pardon all non-violent people locked up for a victimless crime, and expunge all criminal records of victimless crime convictions.

✓ Formally legalize marijuana and psychedelics immediately and order the Justice Department to use prosecutorial discretion to functionally end the Drug War.

✓ Reduce the barriers to put one’s child up for adoption and for one to adopt a child in the United States. No woman should feel forced to have an abortion out of a fear that her child can’t get adopted.

✓ Take a portion of the freed up funds from ending the Drug War and SESTA-FOSTA to support the investigation and prosecution of sex trafficking and to support addiction recovery.