A Libertarian Response to the Coronavirus

✓ End the restrictions on which coronavirus tests can be used. There is no excuse for the CDC to monopolize the market for test kits, particularly when other nations and the WHO have developed successful kits in use around the world.

✓ Eliminate TSA restrictions on the transport of larger sized bottles of liquids, as people will need to transport sanitizing liquids with them to stay virus free.

✓ Allow for anti-coronavirus drugs to be developed and sold without FDA approval, as the need for immediate relief of symptoms and even the disease itself is of the utmost importance towards human health.

✓ Declassify all coronavirus related information and ensure all pandemic-related statistics are freely and immediately available to the public as they come into federal government’s possession. Had we done this from the start, we could’ve started social distancing well before the virus had spread this far.

✓ Encourage all states to allow doctors to practice across state lines and to suspend if not eliminate Certificate of Need laws that restrict the development of testing, treatment, and containment facilities.

✓ Allow researchers to conduct coronavirus tests without needing federal approval. Competent professionals have been stopped by the federal government from helping potentially sick people already and that must end.

✓ Refuse to bail out industries and companies with taxpayer dollars. This is just a recipe for cronyism from companies well connected enough to be able to take advantage of the crisis.

✓ Encourage the states to transition from widespread economic shutdowns to mass testing and containment of infected individuals. We must focus on measures to actually contain the virus and avoid destroying people’s financial future.