“Homeless” Presidential Candidate in Minneapolis Area

Ken Armstrong, the former NATO commander and U.S. Consul representative now running for President as a Libertarian, is taking a brief break visiting family in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Armstrong is traveling the country with his dog Duke for one year, living from his car and in “budget” hotels, building name recognition, picking up endorsements, “but especially,” he says, “learning more about America and about what has taken us to the crisis we face as a nation.”

Following extended visits to Mexico, which included talking with members of the “caravans” making their way through that country, Armstrong has met in the U.S. with homeless people, business leaders, and people of all classes. His purpose, he says, is to listen, but also to share the message that Americans need to practice civility and respect, “or the Republic is lost.”

He says the lack of respect and civility in our government and culture are signs of a constitutional crisis threatening the fabric of the country.

On this leg of the journey is his wife, Dawn Midori Armstrong. The two are visiting in St. Louis Park at the home of Dawn Armstrong’s cousin, Lynn Fernandez and her husband Mike. The Armstrongs plan to resume their journey by midweek, heading west through North Dakota.

Ken Armstrong
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Additional Information:
www.fec.gov (Candidate ID: P00012104)