Candidate Makes History in New York

Ken Armstrong, former nonprofit executive, NATO base commander, and U.S. Consul Representative, is declaring an historic first in the state of New York. Armstrong is the first and only Libertarian to have qualified by petition for the New York primary election for President of the United States.

Armstrong was twice elected to Honolulu County office, and was once nominated as Federal Executive of the Year.

In an announcement to supporters tonight, Armstrong said, “While I’m happy for the boost this gives our campaign, I’m more pleased at the progress this makes for ballot access in New York.”

Armstrong gave credit to his dedicated team of volunteers in the Empire State. “With very little information and a short time to accomplish their goal,” Armstrong said, “these incredible people showed what focus and hard work can do.”

Armstrong is quick to point out that the victory is much more important than one candidate or campaign. “The two major parties in the U.S. have been doing their best to restrict ballot access,” he said. “They do this by creating impediments to access, and by pretending that they are the only legitimate holders of power in the country. They marginalize anyone who challenges that power.”

Armstrong said he isn’t hoping for a clear field in the primary. “A lot of candidates hope to run unopposed,” he said. “I believe it’s good for the people of New York to hear a number of good Libertarian voices.” Armstrong points out that other candidates might be allowed to place their names on the ballot through a loophole which allows nationally recognized campaigns to be listed. Ben Carson used that loophole to be included in the Republican primary in the state in 2016. “There are some great voices for freedom in the Libertarian Party,” Armstrong said. “I hope New Yorkers get to hear from more of them.”

Ken Armstrong

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